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Sustainable Workforce Médecins Sans Frontières Amsterdam

Sustainable Workforce Médecins Sans Frontières Amsterdam

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent, medical humanitarian, emergency relief organisation that provides assistance to people worldwide, regardless of their background, religion or political convictions. Above all, we aim to save lives and to offer medical humanitarian care to victims of conflict and epidemics. Our staff in the field projects consists mainly of locally recruited staff, but we express international humanitarian solidarity working side by side as national and internationally recruited staff, giving direct medical humanitarian support to people in need. In the past 40 years, MSF has gained a strong position as an independent, medical humanitarian organisation working worldwide.

MSF coordinates operations through collaborations between global MSF offices. ‘MSF Operational Centre Amsterdam’ (MSF-OCA) is a partnership between ‘Artsen zonder Grenzen Nederland’ (MSF-Holland), MSF-UK and MSF-Germany. MSF-OCA operates medical humanitarian interventions in around 25 countries with roughly 80 projects. Annually, MSF-OCA deploys approximately 800 international staff and employs 10,000 locally recruited staff.

The office of MSF-Holland, located in Amsterdam, hosts more than 300 employees, offering direct support to MSF-OCA operations.

Médecins Sans Frontières employee reviews

Give you the opportunity to work in the most challenging yet rewarding contexts around the world
Regional Finance Director (Current Employee) –  Regional office in NY – May 6, 2015
MSF is an Emergency medical humanitarian organization. As such, there is no “typical” day at work. Having lived and worked in some of the most challenging regions of the world, I have been forever changed by all the different people and cultures of which I have been a part. They have opened my mind to knowing that there is never only one way to look at things or perform a task. I have learned how to implement complex strategies and apply corporate efficiency to achieve local and sustainable solutions in the field.
Experiencing different cultures
Seeing the results of a disaster/outbreak and the effect on people

Great Medical Humanitarian Organization

Deputy Finance Coordinator (Former Employee) –  South Sudan, East Africa – February 5, 2015

If you like helping people, MSF is a great place to work. Most of the field workers have a very long daywork especially during emergency interventions. The management team and co-workers are great service providers in their fields of practice. They are friendly and work with passion.

The hardest part of the job is working in insecure countries and working in stressful conditions. The most enjoyable part of the job is you you begin to see positive results: eg. sick recovering, children vaccinated, etc

Very productive and fun work place

Administration Activity Officer/Finance (Former Employee) –  Boqolmayo and Sidama – February 2, 2015

The Management and working condition is very easy and nice. it’s pleasure working with expatriate staff. the only limitation is the salary package is low.
Gets up early everyday for morning meetings

Project pharmacy manager (Current Employee) –  Gogrial, South Sudan – August 1, 2014

Gets started in the morning as early as 8 am with morning meetings.
Discuss plans, objectives and challenges in the office. As a project pharmacy manager, I have huge responsibilities every day ensuring all the units have adequate stock of pharmaceutical items for their medical activities. This is a big challenge to me because supply of pharmaceuticals is from the capital city. We are far away in a remote town. Co-workers are very cooperative will to assist anytime they are called upon.

MSF-MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (Former Employee) –  JORDAN – Ramtha – January 25, 2014

member of our national organization , i love to work with MSF – Holland as member of this great organization .